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Quick and easy Hot Chocolate Bombs, a treat for the whole family!

Ghirardelli Grinch Hot Chocolate Bomb
Grinch Hot Chocolate Bomb

It has been 9 months of being in quarantine and with Christmas around the corner I am trying to keep things magical for my 6 year old daughter Olivia. We have been seeing hot cocoa bombs all over the place and Livi is a huge hot cocoa fan, so she begged me to make them. I was so happy we did because they were pretty easy to make and super delicious. The creamiest, tastiest hot cocoa was the final result. As always, these were taste tested and approved by both daddy and Olivia.

Ghirardelli Wafers Give it a creamy taste!
Ghirardelli Melting Wafers work great!

Ingredients (makes 3 small hot cocoa bombs)

1. A few cups of Ghirardelli Melting Wafers (we used the white vanilla and mixed it with some green melting chocolate we had at home. Any melting chocolate is good, including milk chocolate or other colors)

2. Mini rubber spatula and/or baking brush

3. Silicone Molds, we used small (makes about 6-8 oz depending on sweetness desired) but if you want larger hot chocolate bombs, buy medium/large molds. (

4. Mini marshmallows or any other desired hot cocoa toppings

5. Hot cocoa mix, we just used prepackaged cocoa and 1 package was enough for 3 small bombs.

6. Extra plate and cup

7. Gloves (It can get messy and to avoid any contamination)

8. Microwaveable Bowl

Step 1

Add 2-3 cups of melting chocolate wafers, any color or type to a microwaveable bowl. Warm as recommended per packaging or until soft/melted. I recommend 15 second intervals so it doesn't overheat. We also loved the creamy taste that Ghirardelli chocolate gave our cocoa.

Step 2

Remove the bowl with chocolate from the microwave. Stir the chocolate to ensure it is all melted and soft.

Step 3

Take the mini rubber spatula and fill each of the 1/2 dome silicone molds with the melted chocolate. Make sure to evenly apply it all over the inner part of the mold with the brush or spatula. You can remove any excess with the spatula and return it to the bowl.

Step 4

Once the inside of the domes are covered with chocolate place in the freezer for 5 minutes. Unless you are a professional chef, expect that it will look messy. Don't worry ours did and they still turned out beautiful.

Step 6

Remove the silicone molds from the freezer. Pop out the chocolate half domes. The silicone makes it super easy, it pretty much just pops right out. Just gently stretch the edges of the mold.

Step 7

Fill 3 halves with your hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and any other desired toppings. For the smaller size molds we found that about a tablespoon of cocoa and 6 marshmallows were perfect. Livi, of course, always tried to squeeze more in!

Step 8

Get a hot plate (careful!) Heat a plate with a cup of water on top of it for about 1 minute. You can toss the water. Take the 1 empty half and press the rim of the open side against the warm plate. Then press the empty half on a filled half to seal. Continue this process with all the remaining halves.

Tip: If you have any broken edges or it isn't quite sealing, use excess melted chocolate (that is still warm or warm it up) and close any opening or use it to help seal it up.

Step 9

Put the bombs in the freezer for a few minutes to ensure they seal. Then remove and decorate it as desired. Sprinkles, baking glitter, and drizzling more chocolate all work well and look pretty. We used glitter, drizzled the chocolate and red icing (I wanted candy hearts but couldn't readily find any) to give some of them a Grinch look.

Step 10

Remove from freezer and store at room temperature in an air tight container. We were running the heater a lot and were scared they were going to melt so we left them in the freezer. When we wanted to use them we removed and let them sit for about 10 minutes and they were fine.

Holiday Hot Chocolate Bombs
Holiday Grinch and Penguin Hot Cocoa Bombs

Step 11

Place your hot cocoa bomb in a cup and pour 6-8 oz. (we did about a half of a large mug) of warm milk or water over it Alternatively warm a cup of milk or water and carefully place it in the cup. The first way is preferred (or so they say) but both were effective for us. I do have to say the milk really gave it a creamier overall taste and the choice of Ghirardelli chocolate couldn't have been better! Enjoy your tasty treat!

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The Baby Mine Project Launches Fundraising Collection of Apparel and Accessories Inspired By Response to the Album. 50% of All Album and Merchandise Proceeds Support the Mission of Changing the Future for Vulnerable Children in Africa via Partnership with OVI Children’s Hospital.

ORLANDO, Fla. - September 2, 2020 - The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection, the first album release from non-profit organization The Baby Mine Project, debuted at #5 on the iTunes Children’s Music Chart and is now available for purchase on CD and digital download at Listen to the full album here.

The Baby Mine Project has also launched a new fundraising collection of apparel and accessories inspired by response to the album. Fifty percent (50%) of album and merchandise proceeds go directly to supporting vulnerable children in Africa through emergency relief funds.

The socially impactful album is the first major fundraising campaign for the recently-established non-profit whose mission is to support the health and wellness of children in underserved areas of Africa while providing them a source of comfort through the development of music and art. The first facility that album and merchandise proceeds will support is The Baby Mine Project’s partnership with OVI Children’s Hospital at their founding site in Kenya. OVI Healthcare is building a movement of global medical facilities that are innovating healthcare for vulnerable populations.

“The Baby Mine Project blankets children with comfort in their most vulnerable state. Every song is composed with a certain magic that isn’t just heard, it’s experienced. Watching our NICU and pediatric critical care patients respond to this lullaby album has been an unmatched gift,” said Amy Hehre, CEO and Founder of OVI Children’s Hospital. “In times of horrific pain and loss, a song can be the difference in hope or surrender. With thanks to this movement, our patients are finding strength to fight!”

Produced by Grammy® nominee Chris Jay, David Shipman, Aaron Safer and Music Arranger Jamsheed Master, The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection was a true labor of love collaboration featuring a diverse group of world-renowned artists and African children’s choirs representing three countries (Uganda, Kenya and South Africa) coming together as performers to make a difference in the world. Shipman and Safer are co-founders of The Baby Mine Project.

Volunteering at the Home Again Orphanage in Uganda introduced me not only to the beautiful children and their dedicated caretakers, but also to the many missing necessities that impacted their lives. Children need to feel safe to thrive. Through something as natural as singing, I found that lullabies were a simple yet powerful way to create a sense of safety and to soothe children to sleep knowing that they are not alone. This inspired me to create the album to provide that comfort and raise much needed funds to support the underserved children in Africa,” said Shipman.

An accomplished performer, Shipman lends his voice to four songs on the album, including one that features the last three Ringmasters for the now-closed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus: Shipman, Johnathan Lee Iverson and Kristen Michelle Wilson. Music artists Robyn Adele Anderson and Von Smith, also producers on the album, contributed arrangements for the songs on which they are featured. Multiple tracks showcase touring sensations The African Children’s Choir and the Kenyan Boys Choir.

The album was produced with one feeling in mind: comfort. By leveraging the universal language of lullabies, the track cadence soothes children to sleep as the music continually becomes softer, providing a sense of comfort and mimicking the feeling of drifting off to sleep. Music has the ability to connect cultures through a simple melody, and the lullabies on this album are arranged to help calm no matter where around the globe they are heard or what language the listener speaks.

“Music is the most incredible, rewarding and powerful gift we have. The opportunity to arrange these beautiful songs has been life-changing for me,” said Music Arranger Jamsheed Master. “As we reimagined each of the songs as lullabies, our inspiration always came from the children for whom we created the album. I wanted the album to feel like a pair of big, safe arms to sleep in.”

Song List for The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection

1. “Someone’s Waiting” - Kellie Rhianne and The African Children’s Choir

2. “Stay Awake” - David Shipman and the Kenyan Boys Choir

3. “Not While I’m Around” - Dante J. Payne

4. “You’ll Be In My Heart” - Kristen Michelle Wilson

5. “Distant Melody” - Johnathan Lee Iverson and The African Children’s Choir

6. “Hushabye Mountain” - Robyn Adele Anderson

7. “A Million Dreams” - David Shipman, Kristen Michelle Wilson, Johnathan Lee Iverson

8. “La vie en rose” - Diya Jawali

9. “You Are My Sunshine” - Julia Ceslee Marie

10. “La La Lu” - Karen Yvette Reid

11. “When You Wish Upon A Star” - Von Smith

12. “There’s Always Tomorrow” - Julia Ceslee Marie and David Shipman

13. “Baby Mine” - David Shipman

Visit for more information.


Twitter: @babymineproj

Instagram: @babymineproject

About The Baby Mine Project

The Baby Mine Project supports orphanages and children’s medical facilities in under served communities in Africa through the development of music and art. Their vision is to be a resource by purposing funds raised to assist in immediate medical relief for the children who need it most, while providing comfort in uncertain times through connective and loving music-filled environments.

Quick and easy frozen DOLE Banana pops, a healthier treat option for the whole family!

Delicious Frozen DOLE Banana Pops

Quarantine got you down? Do you feel like your kids ask you for a snack every 5 minutes? I get it! I was so happy we partnered with DOLE to promote their at home resources for kids during this time and stumbled upon this awesome recipe in the process. It is a much healthier snack option for the kiddos and yes Olivia considers this her ice cream treat! As always, these were taste tested and approved by both daddy and Olivia.

Ingredients (makes 6 DOLE Banana pops)

1. 3 DOLE Bananas

2. Sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, cereal or any other topping

3. 3/4-1 cup non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt or Other Flavored yogurt (We used Yoplait Go-gurt two tubes, raspberry/strawberry flavors, because that was all we had and it was a hit)

4. Popsicle sticks or cake-pop sticks (we used cake-pop sticks)

Step 1

Peel the DOLE Bananas and cut in half so there are 6 in total.

Step 2

Insert the popsicle sticks or cake-pop sticks in the bottom flat part of each banana.

Step 3

Cover each banana in yogurt. You can either roll the bananas on a plate in the yogurt or use a basting brush or small spatula to do this.

Step 4

Sprinkle the topping (sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, etc.) on each DOLE Banana. I found it easiest to hold the banana by the cake-pop stick and then sprinkle it on while twirling the banana in my hand.

Step 5

Place the bananas on a plate or tray lined with wax paper. Freeze for at least 1-2 hours and enjoy the smiling faces!

Comment below if you have tried this before or if you have done it a different way and send me your pictures when you try this so I can see just how creative you got! Also be sure to check out for more at home fun worksheets and recipes. This post is not sponsored and is all my honest opinion.

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