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Quick and Easy Oreo Cookie and Chocolate Pocky Spiders, perfect for any Halloween party!

Sweet Oreo cookie spiders for your Halloween Party!

Need a last minute cute dessert idea for your Halloween party? These Sweet Spiders made out of Oreo Cookies and chocolate covered Pocky sticks are simple to make and cost very little. Best of all they will satisfy the sweet tooth of your littlest ghoul up to your biggest monster. Yes, these were taste tested and approved by both daddy and Olivia.


1. Oreo Cookies

2. Pocky Chocolate Biscuit Sticks

3. Candy Eyeballs

4. Decorating Gel Black

Step 1

Open your Oreo cookie up. We used Double Stuf Oreos because it helps the legs stay in place better and well honestly, who doesn't love Double Stuf Oreos?

Step 2

Cut the Pocky Sticks in half with a butter knife. Each spider needs 8 legs so you will need 4 full sticks per spider. I have seen these made with pretzels and licorice too. We are chocolate lovers so we chose Pocky sticks.

Step 3

Press down the Pocky sticks onto the Oreo filling gently so they stick. I added a little black gel to make sure they were secure. Then close the Oreo back up.

Step 4

Take the black gel and make two evenly spaced dots on the top of the Oreo. I like to do it at the top but you can place them in the center too. Then place the eyes on top of the gel and hold down for a few seconds.

Step 5

Enjoy your tasty and sweet spiders. Beware of the little ghouls and big monsters, they will definitely come creeping once these are complete.

Comment below if you have tried this before or if you have done it a different way and send me your pictures when you try this so I can see just how creative you got!

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Adorable DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

My five year old really wanted to make a unicorn pumpkin for Halloween. I usually go to Target for the ready-made kits. We found an adorable Vamparina kit there, but little Miss Olivia was not happy with just that. She wanted a magical unicorn, not just a "plain" one, so I set out to find a magical unicorn kit. What I discovered is that I should have started looking earlier! Most places had kits that would arrive by Thanksgiving or Christmas or they were in Canada (we are in the U.S.). I am all about unicorns, but let's face it, unicorn pumpkins would clash with my rustic Christmas decor, so alas, I decided we would make a DIY unicorn pumpkin in time for Halloween.

Do you have a DIY pumpkin that you have done? Email us or DM us on Instagram with a picture of your finished pumpkin. Our favorites will be featured on our IG stories on Halloween!

So here are my steps for the world's easiest DIY unicorn pumpkin that was magical enough for my 5 year old!


1. White/Cream Pumpkin (or color of your choice), medium size (fake or real)

2. Unicorn Cake Topper

3. Scissors (if you need them to cut out anything in #5)

4. Hot Glue Gun

5. Glitter Stars, felt flowers, or other fun decorations (be creative!)

6. Unicorn Eyelash Stickers (these came with our cake topper) or you can use a Sharpie to draw them on for you super crafty mamas!

Step 1

Pick out your pumpkin.

White faux pumpkin from our local hardware store.

We had already painted two pumpkins this year, so I opted for the easy way out. I bought a white/cream pumpkin instead of painting one. Now I know this is cheating, but hey can you blame a tired, busy mama? Here is a similar one to the one we used:

Tip: If you do paint yours, use acrylic paint and a foam brush, you can find that at your local craft store or if your lucky at your local dollar store. Make sure to put a tarp or an old newspaper down before you paint!

Even better, we found an inexpensive fake white pumpkin at the local hardware store so I can save this unicorn for years to come (OK well until Olivia gets over her unicorn phase, but do we really ever outgrow unicorns?).

Step 2

Glue the unicorn cake topper to the pumpkin.

Here is a great cake topper that would work :

Take the cake topper and apply hot glue to the bottom. Press it down right on the top of the pumpkin, in front of the stem.

Step 3

Apply extra flowers (optional)

Hot glue any extra flowers near the unicorn topper to fill in any gaps and to make the unicorn look extra magical! You can get these at your local craft store or on Amazon.

Step 4

Add the unicorn eyelashes and any other fun decor.

We hot glued our eyelashes down (these came with our cake topper) just to make sure they were extra secure. We also found adorable glitter stars that we glued to the cheeks. I think hearts or rainbows would look darling too, so just use your imagination or let your five year old pick something out. Below is what Olivia chose:

Hope your pumpkin turns out great, send us your pumpkin pics or post yours in the comments. We cannot wait to see!

Our Magical Unicorn Pumpkin!

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