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Blue's Clues Heads to New York in the New Paramount Plus "Blue's Big City Adventure": Movie Review

LOS ANGELES [Sponsored] – November 17, 2022 – This November, New York City will become #BlueYorkCity! "Blue’s Clues & You!” is an educational program for preschool-aged children. It is a modern take on the beloved 90's "Blue's Clues." Only this time, Blue and Josh are hitting the big screen in a full-length feature, now streaming on Paramount Plus. It is quite nostalgic for parents who grew up in the 90's and toddlers will love it!

Josh and Blue head to New York City to audition for Rainbow Puppy's Broadway musical, but they get lost when Josh accidentally left his Handy Dandy Notebook at home. This leads to a game of Blue's Clues to figure out where the audition is. Meanwhile, Tickety Tock and her friends go to New York City to find Josh and Blue and get to the audition with help from Joe and Steve. We were lucky enough to view an early screening of the movie and we loved it. There are extensive song and dance numbers, and Josh Dela Cruz is an incredible Broadway-class talent. It is perfect for young kids, six and under, but the musical numbers and beautiful and bright street art scenes in New York really make it infectious, so even adults can enjoy it! Be sure to check it out on Paramount Plus now!


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