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DIY Care Bears and Other Snow Globes!

DIY Snow Globes are fun all year round and can be made with your favorite character!

My daughter Livi loves snow globes. She collects them everywhere we go. She also loves Care Bears, obsessed actually. So when she put a Care Bear snow globe on her Christmas list and I couldn't find them anywhere I decided to make them. Even more perfect, we were at the Dollar Tree and found shatterproof snow globes and fake snow. So we made the cutest Grumpy Bear winter snow globe. We also made a Frozen snow globe and a rainbow Care Bear snow globe. You can make any character you want, as long as you can find the figures and they are waterproof.


Snow Globe (we found ours at the Dollar Tree but any craft store or Amazon should have it. here is a link of one similar to what we used

For this size snow globe I used around 16 oz of water. Distilled water is best, but purified water works as well.

1-2 tablespoons of Vegetable Glycerin

1 tablespoon of fake snow or clear glitter (or glitter in the color(s) of your choosing)

Measuring spoons as needed

Measuring cup to pour water (I like this, but not necessary)

Step 1

Open snow globe. Use hot glue gun to glue figurine (s) to the base. If you need to make the figures higher use a water bottle cap and glue it to the base. Then glue the figure to the cap. Some people recommend sanding the base first and waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry. I did neither. I did wait for the glue to dry, but it was almost immediate. Since we wanted a winter feeling we added small Christmas trees from the dollar store, along with our Grumpy Bear figurine.

Step 2

Turn the snow globe upside down. It sat nicely in the lid or you can hold it. Then pour distilled water or purified (do not use tap water as it could mold or look cloudy, distilled is ideal) and fill the globe, just leave enough room for the base with the figurines to be put in so it doesn't overflow.

Step 3

Add Vegetable Glycerin. This slows the flow of the "snow" in the snow globe. I usually use 1-2 tablespoons. Don't put too much or your glitter or snow may clump.

Step 4

Add glitter or fake snow in the color of your choosing. I added 1 tablespoon but you cannot go too wrong. Add it as you please.

Step 5

Put the base with the figurines into the snow globe and close.

Step 6

If you are happy with how it looks go ahead and put hot glue around the inner rim of the lid and close. This should seal it. We have done it without glue also and have had no issues with leaks.

Comment below if you have tried this before or if you have done it a different way and send me your pictures when you try this so I can see just how creative you got!

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