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Fourth of July DOLE Frozen Banana Pops

Quick and easy frozen Fourth of July DOLE Banana pops, a healthier treat option for the whole family!

Delicious Frozen July Fourth DOLE Banana Pops

One of Livi's favorite summer time treats I make is Frozen Banana Pops. For those of you following along you may have seen us post it a few years ago. Well this year Livi decided we needed to make them for Fourth of July, so that is what we did. It is a much healthier snack option for the kiddos and yes Olivia considers this her ice cream treat! They are all so fun and festive. As always, these were taste tested and approved by both daddy and Olivia. Enjoy!

Delicious Frozen July Fourth DOLE Banana Pops

Ingredients (makes 4 DOLE Banana pops)

1. 2 DOLE Bananas

2. Red, white and blue sprinkles. We were also able to find star sprinkles, perfect for the Fourth! Red, white, and blue Mini M&M's. mini chocolate chips, cereal or any other topping also work.

3. 3/4-1 cup non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt or Other Flavored yogurt (We used Yoplait Go-gurt two tubes, raspberry/strawberry flavors, because that was all we had and it was a hit)

4. Popsicle sticks or cake-pop sticks. We found rainbow colored popsicles sticks and used the red and blue to add to the holiday feel.

5. Wax paper

6. Baster

Step 1

Peel the DOLE Bananas and cut in half so there are 4 in total.

Step 2

Insert the popsicle sticks or cake-pop sticks in the bottom flat part of each banana.

Step 3

Cover each banana in yogurt. You can either roll the bananas on a plate in the yogurt or use a basting brush or small spatula to do this.

Step 4

Sprinkle the topping (sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, etc.) on each DOLE Banana. I found it easiest to hold the banana by the popsicle stick and then sprinkle it on while twirling the banana in my hand.

Step 5

Place the bananas on a plate or tray lined with wax paper. Freeze for at least 1-2 hours and enjoy the smiling faces! Happy Fourth of July!

Comment below if you have tried this before or if you have done it a different way and send me your pictures when you try this so I can see just how creative you got!

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