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The Hottest toys (from this mama and daughter duo) of 2021, from STEM toys, to art, dolls, and more!)

Holiday shopping always seems hectic. What is the perfect gift for the kiddos in your life, what will they like? Well, if you are struggling for gift ideas, for young kids, then you have landed on the perfect page. Livi reviews toys over on our IG @lovecocoandbean on the daily. So, between the two of us we have picked out our favorite toys and non-toy gifts this year. Livi is a 7-year-old girl, but you will find toys for girls and boys on this list, appropriate for (but not limited to) the 4–8-year-old age range. Please note while some products were gifted/sponsored, everything in this guide is our own opinion.

Carebears, Basic Fun Toys

No holiday would be complete without a @basicfuntoys @carebear or two. Yes, the nostalgic Carebears that so many of us loved growing up, they are still so beloved! Togetherness Bear is newest most colorful bear to grace the toy aisle this year. No single one is alike! Really you cannot go wrong with any Carebear! Livi is an avid collector. They are soft, cute, colorful and well what's not to love?! They are also affordable and keep an eye during the holidays as they often go on sale (as much as 50% off)! Great for boys and girls of all ages (even adults love them)!

National Geographic Subscription for Kids

Livi loves getting her own mail and loves learning about animals. What a cool gift to give, fun and learning all at once. This magazine is great for 6+, but even younger ones would love it, they just may need a little help depending on their reading skills.

Ada Twist Scientist Toys, Just Play Products

Ada Twist, Scientist On the Go Laboratory, Singing Doll and Glo and Go Notebook from @justplayproducts are some of Livi's favorites this year! Such amazing STEM toys and your kids will love doing their own science experiments! The On-the-Go Laboratory comes with experiment cards, beakers, a flask, goggles and more. We made magic milk, compared volume and weight using candy bars, and even tested out how germs work. Simple enough for a 3-year-old (with adult supervision) but engaging enough for an 8-year-old! Learning and fun in one, a win-win!

Kiwi Crate, Subscription

Livi’s Aunt gifted her a year’s subscription to the @kiwico Kiwi Crate for Christmas last year. This was one of her favorite gifts. She loves getting a surprise box monthly, the projects are always fun and exciting (all the while educational), and it gives us something to do together. A perfect gift for girls or boys.

Hasbro PJ Masks Deluxe Battle HQ

Calling all superheroes, "into the night to save the day"! For all your little superhero @disneyjunior @pjmasks loving little ones, this will bring tons of smiles this holiday. Livi cannot get enough of her @hasbro PJ Masks Deluxe Battle HQ playset. The #PJMasksHeroID recognizes compatible 3-inch action figures and heroes or villains). Catboy and Romeo figures are included. Capture the bad guys, escape through the secret chute, launch projectiles with the blaster, and even launch Catboy’s vehicle with the vehicle launcher. This playset is literally hours of imaginative play, for boys and girls!

Magic Mixies, Moose Toys

This is one of the hottest toys this year. Create your own Mixie with the Magical Misting Cauldron. Exclusive Interactive 8 inch Rainbow Plush Toy and over 50 sounds, mist, and more, this one is sure to grab your kiddos imagination. Redo the spell over and over again with refill packs (one included) for friends and even do Magic with your new Mixie. The Mixies has three modes and can be activated using your wand.

NY IsCream @carebears Onesie and Sleep Mask

This Carebears Comfy Onesie and Sleep Mask from NY IsCream, is so comfy, warm and adorable! Also check out NY IsCream for other adorable accessories, such as pillows, pajamas, lip gloss, water bottles and mores. Perfect for a large age range and boy and girl products available.

Dream Ella Toys, MGA Entertainment

The new Dream Ella line by MGA Entertainment offers perfect gift for little ones. Ella and her friends bring dreams to life. They can do anything. They are fairies flying on unicorns one minute and in the real world they cruise in their beautiful purple car as a doctor, vet and baker too!

The fairies are color changing and full of surprises. Soak them in their container to reveal which fairy you will get; their face makeup changes colors with a sponge, and they come with beautiful hair. The Dream Ella Unicorns are so gorgeous, and we love the bright and beautiful colors too! These dolls and unicorns are definitely great and affordable. If you want to go all out, the Ella Majestic Castle is amazing and perfect for the dolls too!

Magna Tiles, For Ages 2-99

Magna-Tiles are a favorite in our household. Livi got them when she was 2 and all of us love building together. They really are one of our favorites. Great for older kids, younger kids, boys or girls. Guaranteed fun!

Ryan's World Toys, Just Play Products

Livi loves Ryan's World. On her list this year are the Ryan's World Awesome Cooler Surprise and the Ryan's World Chef Ryan's Fridge Surprise. Pretty much all of the Ryan's World's toys are fun, interactive, and lots of imaginative play. Definitely a must have for any Ryan's World Fans.

Lite-Brite, Basic Fun Toys

Yes that is right, Lite-Brite is still around. Livi got her first Lite-Brite a few years ago and was hooked. This year this new Oval HD Lite-Brite came out and it looks amazing.

Our Generational Dolls and Playsets, Battat

@ogdolls perfect to inspire creativity and imagination! The dolls and playsets are so lifelike and have so many details. The schoolhouse has a real fire alarm, school bell, working windows and more. Any of these playsets or dolls would be a win in our books! The Our Generation Dolls have varying price ranges, to fit everyone's budget!

Pop It Fidget Toys

Anyone with school age children knows that fidgets and pop it toys are all the rage right now. Not sure what it is but Livi is obsessed with them. There are pop-it notebooks, purses, and toys. We have found them everywhere, from TJ Maxx, to Claire's, Target and even Amazon. You can go small for stocking stuffers or big. Also, these are great sensory toys, so definitely great for all kids. I linked this tree but of course we love them all!

My Fuzzy Friend Moji Interactive, Sky Rocket Toys

Livi saw Moji for the first time at a Toy Fair and fell in love. We haven't tested him in person, but he is at the top of her list. Here are just some of his features:

  • Moji responds to your touch and voice, over 150 sounds & reactions

  • Moji does 10 different tricks when you ask, like Sit, Shake and High Five

  • Moji magically interacts with his rope and food bowl

Got2Glow Fairies, Wowwee

Catching fairies, how much more magical can life get? This is every little girl’s dream. Catch fairies at home or on the go, hours of entertainment and Livi couldn’t get enough. Play with friends and even trade fairies. These Got2Glow Fairies are one of our top picks this year!

Themed Monopoly, Opoly Games

Livi is a huge Jojo Siwa fan so when she got to check out the new JoJo Siwa Monopoly she was so excited. I love Monopoly and games in general. They are great for family time, help with critical thinking, math, and being a good sport. Now as a girl mom, I have picked this version of Monopoly, but there are so many version for adults and kids, including Elf and SpongeBob.

Disney Doorables, Just Play

Great for Disney lovers! Collect the sweetest Disney figurines. Which ones will you get? Will you find 5,6, or 7 figures behind the doors? The new Disney Princess @disneydoorables are full of sparkles and glitter and are just too darling, they come with 8 collectibles, but some packages have a bonus mystery figure. The Multi-Peek Doorables are cuter than ever, we got Eeyore! Make sure to also check out the new Night Before Christmas and Mickey Years of Ears.

Gummy Lab, Lakeshore

This Gummy Candy Lab, from Lakeshore learning is so much fun. Great for kids learning measurements and yummy. Fun for any little scientist. In fact check out Lakeshore in general, we cannot get enough. It is one of Livi's favorite stores and she pretty much wants everything in the catalog.

Disney Ily 4ever Dolls, Jakks Pacific

These Disney Ily 4ever Dolls are gorgeous. There are 5 to collect and each one has a unique sense of style, inspired by beloved Disney characters. Their Disney style grabs at this mama's heart strings, as I am a huge Disney fan. They have adorable accessories and there is even a darling Minnie Mouse car too. For all you Disney lovers out there, this ones for you!

Scholastic Gift Cards or Books

Livi loves picking out her own books and it feels like we get the scholastic catalog every few months at school and she always begs me to get something. A great gift would be a gift card so that the kiddo in your life can purchase what they want from the catalogs. She gets so excited to be able to order from there and who doesn't love to give an educational gift that kids will love too.

Barbie Color Reveal Dolls, Mattel

The @barbie Color Reveal dolls from @mattel have been a favorite in our house for a few years now. They come with so many surprises, Livi loves to reveal which doll she gets, and they are beautiful! I think her favorite part is unwrapping and revealing each surprise, including the color reveal to find out which doll she gets, you can go small or large with these. So, you can get individual ones for as low as $15 gift or under all the way up to large sets with up to 50 surprises for $49.99, but I have found it as low as $35 on sale!

The Color Reveal Line was awarded the 2021 TOTY Toy of the Year Winner Award, so you don't have to take just our opinion on it.

Li'L Woodzeez

Li'l Woodzeez have been a long time favorite of Livi's. The cute little critters and the detailed playsets are adorable. Livi will play with these for hours. I have to say even I like playing with Livi with these, everything is so darling. You cannot go wrong with any of their playsets.

Arts and Crafts Library

Livi loves art and I love to let kids use their imagination. This Arts and Crafts Library comes with all the art supplies your little one needs to create endless masterpieces and crafts.

Purse Pets, Spinmaster

The cutest interactive, talking purses that actual function too. Livi takes hers everywhere! @hatchimals Purse Pets from @spinmaster are a must have this holiday. They are interactive with over 25 sounds. There are four to collect (unicorn, pup, fox, leopard) and available @target, except the pup who is a @walmart exclusive!

Classic Tonka Truck, Basic Fun Toys

For your little truck lover nothing beats a good old fashioned, large steel Tonka Truck. We love them all, from the Claw to the Front Loader, you can't go wrong. Looking for a stocking stuffer check out the new Metal Movers Mud Rescue sets. The mini sets tend to come with dirt (aka mess free kinetic sand) and we love it. Livi has always loved trucks, after all who says girls can't play with trucks.

Bike, Guardian Bikes

Kids of all ages need to get outdoors. Our favorite bike, which comes in all sizes is from Guardian Bikes. They make it easy to get the right size, just by filling out a little info online, customer service is great, and if the bike is the wrong size, they will take it back. We bought one online for Livi and couldn't be happier. They also have SureStop Technology to avoid kids flying over the handlebars and the set up was easy.


This is a great dual lens microscope for kids in starting out. Probablly best for 6+ but with an adult's supervision even younger kids will enjoy. Another great STEM gift.

Barbie Dreamhouse, Mattel

I mean what’s not to like about @mattel @barbie Dreamhouse. A functioning elevator that fits Barbie's wheelchair, working lights and sounds, fully furnished, a pool slide, and roof top deck. This is every little girl’s dream! This is definitely a Santa present or big spend present, but we think it is totally worth it, if you can!

Tickets to See Disney On Ice

Making memories with your kids @disneyonice is priceless. Time together, experienced, and the magic of @disney. That’s about as good as it gets and Livi looks forward to it every year! Check out our blog for more details and for a discount code.

Rainbocorns, Zuru

Rainbocorns come in all shapes and sizes. From Faircorns with wings, to little Puppycorns, Wild Hair Rainbocorns, and Epic Gold Rainbocorns, you cannot go wrong. What surprises will you open? Will you get stickers, slime, boo-boo corns or more? The excitement is real when your kiddo opens these. Livi just opened the Epic Golden Egg and this is really the egg of all eggs, with 25 surprises, including hairbows, headbands, stencils, glitter, and more, you cannot go wrong. I have linked several kinds below.


Livi loves science. Even her friends who aren't as into science as she is, always have fun looking through the telescope. I mean science is exciting for most kids. You may just stir your little one's curiosity and STEM gifts definitely foster critical thinking.

EK World Egg Surprise

Livi is a huge Ryan's World fan. She thinks he is the coolest and at 7 she still watches his show. Well this year, Pocket Watch and Just Play products released the Emma and Kate's World line of toys, and Livi loves it. Emma and Kate, Ryan's sisters have a fun, girly style and Livi was over the moon with this 20 surprise egg. Who doesn't love opening surprises? From a glowing cat ear headband, adorable figures of Emma and Kate, cute accessories, slime and more, this one is sure to win over any Ryan's World fan!

LOL Surprise Concert Tickets and Dolls

@mgaentertainment@lolsurprise concert “L.O.L. Surprise! Live – Calling All B.B.s" will be kicking off March 5th, 2022, in Thousand Oaks, CA and will cross the U.S. Tickets to the @lolsurprise concert would make a perfect holiday gift! Be sure to grab your tickets for a city near you and while you are at it, get some cute @lolsurprise merchandise like the OMG Movie Magic dolls or cute stocking stuffers like hair ties, pens, or surprise balls for your kiddos! For complete details check out

Tent and Other Camping Gear

Livi always talks about going camping. Camping and being outdoors in nature is great for kids. It is fun, educational, and family time too. Check out Amazon, REI, and other stores for tents and other camping gear for your littles. A gift that is sure to create memories!

Comment down below for your favorites!

Beginning Monday November 22, 2021 through Sunday November 28, 2021, Nat Geo WILD recognizes the professionals who work to keep our animal friends healthy with the network’s annual VETSGIVING celebration exclusively on Disney+.


By: Sponsored Content

[Los Angeles, CA] —Grab your furry four legged friends, kids, and the whole family and get ready for a whole week of Nat Geo WILD's VETSGIVING on Disney+. This Thanksgiving, Nat Geo WILD recognizes the professionals who work to keep our animal friends healthy. The network’s annual VETSGIVING celebration returns with an expanded lineup of programming from Monday, Nov. 22, through Sunday, Nov. 28. Each night, feast on four-hour helpings of the veterinarian shows viewers can’t get enough of, including HEARTLAND DOCS, DVM; CRITTER FIXERS: COUNTRY VETS; HATCHER FAMILY DAIRY; THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL; DR. OAKLEY, YUKON VET; and VETS ON THE BEACH.

Last week we got a special sneak peak of POP GOES THE VET WITH DR. JOYA and we couldn't get enough. It was inspiring, fun, gross, and cute all at the same time. Livi loves science and wants to be a doctor one day, so she loved watching Dr. Joya cut out masses, investigate oozing cysts, and helping people's pets. Dr. Joya shared a special message with the mom bloggers who got to preview the show and we were all inspired. She is a mom herself, a veterinary dermatologist, runs marathons and more. Livi thought she was the coolest and as a full time working mom and blogger, I was blown away by her. There will be a sneak peek of POP GOES THE VET WITH DR. JOYA in this special Thanksgiving line up and you don't want to miss it!

This year’s VETSGIVING will provide an extra helping of fan-favorite veterinarian series each night beginning at 8/7c. The 2021 Vetsgiving lineup is as follows and is subject to change:

Monday, Nov. 22:


Lifelong friends Drs. Vernard Hodges and Terrence Ferguson are back for another wildly extraordinary new season of their hit series CRITTER FIXERS: COUNTRY VETS. The docs, who own and operate Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospitals, located 100 miles south of Atlanta, work around the clock with their loving staff to bring heart, soul and a lot of humor to their treatment and care of more than 20,000 patients a year. Between emergency visits to the office and farm calls throughout rural Georgia, this special team constantly encounters unique cases. For the Critter Fixer team, there is no such thing as “normal.”

Tuesday, Nov. 23:


In Hartington, Nebraska, Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder put thousands upon thousands of miles on their truck as they crisscross America’s Heartland, employing their expertise to treat all creatures great and small. From furry pets at the clinic to herds of cattle by the hundreds, few vets have the skill and heart to take on the unique challenges that come their way every day. Whether they are up against intense summer heat, bitter cold, white-out blizzards or impassable roads, the Schroeders will do whatever is necessary to treat animals in distress, including opening their clinic on the weekends with the help of their sons Chase and Charlie or making farm calls in the middle of the frigid night. The Schroeders’ dedication to their hometown, and the animals that are a part of it, is what makes them invaluable members of their local community.

Wednesday, Nov. 24:


The Hatcher Family Dairy is an animal-packed docu-series that follows the wildly unpredictable, often funny, and always charming lives of the Hatchers. With a six-generation dairy farm, a menagerie of animals, a creamery and a vet clinic, this family is always on the go! The Hatchers are a rare gem in today’s society: a family that lives together, works together and still wants to spend their free time together. It’s farm, animals and family, creating pure feel-good entertainment.

Thursday, Nov. 25:


In this season of THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL, it’s piggies, ponies and puppies; heifers, horses and hounds; goats, geckos and geese; whether it’s a dose of TLC, urgent critical care or after-hours emergencies, Doc Pol and his team are on call … all day, every day. Doc hustles to a nearby farm in a bid to save a cow in labor struggling to deliver her twins! Daisy the Labrador suffered a painful injury in an accident, but in Doc’s care, she’ll be good as new. It’s another season where heroics are on display every day as this dedicated team answers the call for help. We laugh, we cry, and we raise a glass to Doc as he celebrates 50 years of veterinary service to animals small and large in central Michigan.


Series Sneak Peek at 11/10c and Saturday, Nov. 27, at 10/9c

Pus, gunk and goo! Leading veterinary dermatologist Dr. Joya and her protégé Dr. Jeff see it all in their Kentucky-based animal dermatology clinic. From impacted earwax to oozing cysts to massive hair loss, there’s no case too mysterious or bizarre. They put on their detective hats and investigate the largest organ in an animal’s body—the skin—to get our four-legged friends back to living their best lives.

Friday, Nov. 26, and Sat, Nov 27:


Making house calls in the far reaches of the Great North is a daunting task in the least, considering hundreds of miles may separate the houses. That challenge doesn’t stop Dr. Michelle Oakley from performing her many duties as a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth. In addition to running an animal clinic in Haines, Alaska, she makes house calls, sometimes driving for long stretches through desolate wilderness to check on a patient. This series documents how Dr. Oakley juggles being a full-time vet, wife and mom with a sense of humor and devotion.

Sunday, Nov. 28:


No day is ordinary for these dynamic vets across the Australian coast as they tackle cases like no other. Adorable pets face major problems – from a dog with a fishhook caught in his tongue to acupuncture for a spine injury. But pets aren’t the only patients on the docket. Aging elephants, orphaned kangaroos and sick wallabies need these superstar vets’ attention too.

Livi and Scout excited for Nat Geo's Vetsgiving!

By: Sponsored Event Content

For the First Time, Angel Stadium to host a dazzling drive-through holiday lights experience

Nov. 19 through Dec. 26

Special “Affordable for All” Holiday Pricing – One Carload, One Price, Starting at $25.

Tickets Go On Sale Friday, October 22 -

ANAHEIM, CA. This holiday season will be brighter, bolder and more colorful as the Angel Stadium parking lot is transformed into a vibrant drive-through, holiday themed light display starting Friday, November 19 through Sunday, December 26. Tickets for this event go on sale Friday, October 22 at 10am.

Produced by FunGuys Events, “Magic of Lights” will make its Southern California debut at the home of the Los Angeles Angels, featuring dozens of displays, illuminated canopies, and digital animation, all constructed with thousands of individual LED lights, which will take place in the Angel Stadium parking lot.

"We are excited to bring Magic of Lights to the Anaheim community and Angel Stadium for the first time ever and hope it becomes an annual holiday tradition," says Ken Hudgens, Owner of Magic of Lights.

Inside the comfort of their own vehicle, guests will enjoy the tour’s brand-new displays including Prehistoric Christmas, Big Foot Monster Trucks and the Snow Flurry Tunnel, as well as Magic of Lights favorites including the 12 Days of Christmas, Toyland and the Enchanting Tunnel of Lights. Created with nearly one million sparkling lights, Magic of Lights is a nostalgic and festive experience for guests of all ages.


· 2+ million lights per Magic of Lights event

· 12.6 miles of light cord per Magic of Lights event

· 3,750 manhours to set up each Magic of Lights event

· The steel displays are designed, bent, cut and welded into about 800 frames that are combined in different configurations to create each show's giant winter holiday scenes. each frame of each scene is designed using the latest CAD technology and hand built in-house from 15 pages of design specifications each.

· Each magic of light shows uses about 10 miles of steel to build the displays and 10 miles of LED lighting installed inside the displays, there are 10 different colors of LED bulbs used in the shows.

· Scenes are as high as 32 ft tall and as long as several hundred feet.

Magic of Lights shines daily from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. beginning Friday, Nov. 19 through Sunday, Dec. 26. Tickets for this festive holiday event are on sale now and can be purchased for an assigned date starting at just $25 per vehicle. For a complete schedule and to purchase tickets, visit Tickets must be purchased online in advance and will not be available for purchase at the gate.


Angel Stadium has been home to the Los Angeles Angels for 56 seasons. As baseball’s fourth-oldest ballpark, trailing only Boston’s Fenway Park, Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, it has hosted seven American League Division Series (2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2014), six American League Championship Series (1979, 1982, 1986, 2002, 2005 and 2009) and the 2002 World Series, as well as the 1967, 1989 and 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Games. In addition, Angel Stadium has hosted various events including AMA Supercross and Monster Jam, as well as the concerts for U2, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves and Chance the Rapper.


A division of FunGuys LLC, based in Ohio, whose principals include Ken Hudgens, Tim Murray, Eric Cole, and Grant Reeves. Hudgens, Murray and Cole each have decades of experience at Live Nation® and Feld Entertainment® as top executives in the Motor Sports divisions, with Reeves as the owner, producer and promoter of DockDogs®, Upbeat K9® and other internationally touring entertainment properties for more than 20 years.

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